So, what makes you happy?

Yesterday, after a long time I got to chat with a dear friend. Our friendship is quite wierd, to say the least. We have moved away, but not apart, thankfully. So, whenever we end up chatting, we gather from where we left last. Without asking each other why we went missing in action and why we didnt call to wish the birthday, I like this kindof arrangement. The kind where we dont judge the other person. But I am glad not all my friendships are of the kind.

So, yesterday our chat revolved around how busy our lives have gotten and how we are missing out on doing so much stuff that we would like to do otherwise. And this got us to discussing:

how do most people define happiness?

and are they happy according to their own definition?

We discussed and answered each other questions, but it got me thinking. What exactly is happiness. Will I be happier if I write and publish a book? Will I be happy if I get myself a one karat diamond for my birthday? Will I be happier if I travel more?

I dont know. I have been thinking since yesterday about happiness. and things that will make me happier. Will I ever be happy and content with that happy? Or will I always be striving for more? I am seeking the answers.

so, What makes you happy? And what will make you happier?



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