Know thy neighbor

One day, waiting for zoey outside school, the following conversation happened with another lady who was also waiting for her neighbor.

Lady: you look familiar.

Me: a lot of people say that….I wonder why!

Lady: do you have another child in bay view?

Me: no. I am not a bay view mom

Lady: I thought maybe I saw you there. My son studies there.

Me: oh ok

Lady: what are you reading (looking at the book I was holding)

Me: Sophie Kensella. Easy read. You are also into reading?

Lady: yeah. But with two kids I barely get the time.

Me: I can imagine. Do you live close by?

Lady: not really. I live in phase 8.

Me: oh me too. I live near haq academy

Lady: oh. I live also quite close to haq. What khayaban are you on?

Me: Iqbal.

Lady: big smile. Me too.

Me: oh! What street are you on?

Lady: 34th. You?

Me, almost shocked: aaahhh 34th. Listen, are you Mr X’s wife?

Lady: yes I am. Are you mrs y’s daughter in law.

Me: yes….

Lady: oh, we’ve been wanting to come over for a while, just so caught up.

Me: yes, me and zoey also planned to come to your house to invite you guys to come over….we hear your kids play in the evenings.

Lady: must plan a playdate.

Another lady who was listening to our conversation throughout: listen, we’re you Yusuf’s just acting up to pass time? Or did you guys really didn’t know that you were living across the road from each other…..


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