The princess tales

Me: Zoey, you want to go for a walk around the block?

Zoey: yes, lets go mama.

Me: you cant go in your chappals. Run up and get your socks and I can help you wear your running shoes.

Zoey, shrugging her shoulders: Mama, you always make me work so much. Am I  Cinderella and you are the step mother?


3 thoughts on “The princess tales

  1. Chalo, now that you *are* the stepmother and she *is* Cinderella, may as well ask her to cook, wash the dishes, clean the hearth, brush your hair etc!

    Solom and Zainoo were misbehaving at their khala’s recently so she scolded them and Mr. Solom replied, “If you scold us, we’ll never come to your house again!” You know what she said? “Promise?!”

    The real evil stepmother

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