In the spirirt of Ramzaan

This ramzaan has been lacking the spirit for me. One big reason being that I have not been fasting. I love ramzaan and it saddens me that I have not been involved 100%. 

So, come the 21st night, I was all emotional and promised myself to give these last 10 days my best shot. After saying the Isha prayers, I was in deep thought, God alone knows what I was thinking when Zoey came running to me.

Zoey: Mama, what are you thinking?

Me: Zoey jaani, you know tonight is a special night. Allah Mian promises that whatever we ask for he will listen to us and give us.

Zoey: whatever we ask for?

Me: Haan baba, anything. So you should talk to Allah Mian and make dua and ask for whatever you want.

Zoey:  What are you going to ask for?

Me: Hmm. I have asked Allah Mian to always always always take special care of me, my princesses, my family, my friends, my relatives and everyone I know and dont know.

Zoey: Ok. You dont want to ask for anything else mama?

Me: No jaani, I have lots to ask for. This was just one dua. What dua do you want to make?

Zoey: Allah Mian, please let mama give me the  ipad to use as much as I want. And whenever I want.

Me: OK. What else do you want to ask for?

Zoey: Bus, aur kuch nahin. Now from tomorrow can I use the ipad as much as I want.

Me: We’ll see jaani.

Zoey: But you said Allah Mian will listen to all our duas this night…..

Me: Yes, he will.

Zoey: Ok than when I wake up tomorrow morning I want the ipad charged, and please dont say bus karo Zoey, no more ipad for you!




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