A favorite question

While growing up, I was convinced that my younger sister was my moms favorite. The youngest sister also thought the same.

I really don’t know if it is true or not. But back in that time it made it easier to understand all the screamings and shouting that I got from my mom.

Life went on. And then I had Zoey. Initially, I was scared. I wasn’t sure if I had enough love to give her. I would pose all kinds of silly philosophical questions to jam ( who since before marriage has been dealing with my randomings). But luckily Zoey knew how to get the love and attention out of all of us. Well, actually all kids know that.

And then the topic of having another child started being discussed. This time I was really, truely scared. I was sure I had only enough love to give. And maybe the next child would be love and care deprived.

But Noor happened. And since she’s come into our lives, I have been hearing a lot of talk about whose going to be my favorite daughter. And who I will love more.

I look back into my single days and wonder why I always thought my younger sister was moms favorite. Was there some kind off a pattern involved? Or was it only my imagination that made me think that? Mom always refused to acknowledge what I said.

Is it possible to love one child more? When all the children are yours and you took almost equal pain to bring them up? When you are getting almost equal love back from them all? And especially when you were desperate to have them in your life?

3 thoughts on “A favorite question

  1. each one of us occupies a special place in our parents heart… similarly; our kids occupy their special places in ours… its not that one is more special than the other… once the thresholds of love open in our hearts everyone gets a fair share of it… including me… 🙂 Love is You Katu!

  2. I am looking fwd to your answer on this in another 20 years. Its different loves I think. One kids gives you strength and sunshine one gives you hope and dreams and that keeps changing too.

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