One to one convo

Zoey has been the center of our universe for 4 long years. Being the first born grand child in nanihaal and the only grandchild in Karachi in dadihaal, it would be wrong to say that she’s not spoilt.
But thankfully, she’s not a brat. When I found out about the arrival of Noor, along with excitement there was also a lot of stress in me. I wasn’t sure how Zoey would react. She’s very loving and all, but no one likes their kingdom to be invaded, that also for all times to come.
So, we started preparing her. Reading books about having new siblings, discussing names with her and taking her shopping for baby stuff. We were doing all that we could to make this transition as smooth as possible.
Somewhere along all this, everyone told us that when the baby arrives there should be a gift for zoey from her.
So before being wheeled into the operation theatre, I told my sister to get nail polishes (zoeys latest obsession) and get them packed in pretty paper and ribbons.
Late that evening when Zoey came to meet me, she got her present from her baby sister. Needless to say, she was thrilled.
Now today, after all these days, me and Zoey had a big people conversation.

Zoey: mama, where did the nail polishes come from?
Me: what nail polishes?
Zoey: the ones that Noor got.
Me: well, Noor got them.
Zoey, giving me the you’ve got to be kidding me look: no, mama tell me na.
Me: I just did jaani.
Zoey: mama, I am serious.
Me: so am I.
Zoey: Noor can’t get them.
Me: why? Well, she did get them.
Zoey: she’s too small. She dosent know how to pay and stuff.
Me: well, I am sure Noor got them. I was at Ziauddin. Who else could get them?
Zoey: mama, it can’t be Noor. Remember she came out of your tummy?
Me, totally at a loss for words: yeah that’s right jaani.
Zoey: now please tell me who got them. I need to ask them to get me some more colours!


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