24 days later…

….I feel blessed. In theses past 24 days, I have heard from people I have been out of touch with. I have met people who I last met when Zoey was born and I have gotten messages from people who made me think.

Since the time I can think of, I had always wanted to have 3 girls. Yes, even at the time when I was the most headstrong feminist who never wanted to get married. I would dream of buying myself diamonds and adopting 3 girls, who would be my world and with whom I would travel the world. Shanzeh, Alizeh and Simran they would be named….or later on when I found a new name I renamed them as Shanzeh, Alizeh and Lajwanti….please don’t judge me.

But all this time the mind was fixated on the 3 girls.

Needless to say, when I was pregnant with Zoey and the sonologist told me its a girl, I started crying. Of course, out of pure joy. But the sonologist thought otherwise. And told me how daughters are a blessing.

Second time around, a lot of people who saw my pregnant belly predicted its going to be a boy. Well, I already had a girl. I was happy with a boy too. But I would be over joyed if it was a girl. A sister is very important. I can vouch for that. But a boy would be great company for the hubby. I had already seen my dad losing it between 3 daughters.

This one didn’t want the gender to be revealed. After a lot of effort, the sonologist announced that it’s a girl. I could cry again. But I didn’t want to hear consolation, so I held back my tears of joy.

Since Noor has come into our lives, very few people have actually expressed happiness for us. Friends, family and acquaintances have all told me that I shouldn’t be disheartened with having another daughter and that it’s a gift from God, before actually congratulating on her birth. If I was not made the way I am, I would have smacked each and every one of them….

Allah Mian has been vey kind. I have my 2 out of 3 daughters. So what if they have been named differently….I just hope and pray that they have all the amazing times that me and my sisters have and had… And more inshallah.
Everyone reading this, please remember us and ours in prayers! 🙂



3 thoughts on “24 days later…

  1. Kanwal, I have to add a comment! Most of the people giving you the “it’s ok ” must be women, and they too were/are someone’s daughter !! I too have a difficult time dealing with women who keep trying 3rd & 4th time just trying so desperately trying to have a son. Sadly, it’s us women mostly who give one another such a disgusting thought of gender biases.
    This was the very reason I never wanted to reveal the gender of my twins.
    Children are the greatest gift from God. Keep my family in your prayers too.
    Btw, I’m making a plan of visiting Pakistan after 14 1/2 years!! InshaAllah April 2014!

  2. Congratulations. She is adorable.
    I’m so glad sweet Zoey has a little sister now, I was 5 1/2 years old when my sister was born. I begged God and prayed for a sister (I already had a brother). Most women kept commenting on how silly I was being because clearly people should seek only the male gender if you’re pregnant or want a sibling. Anyway, I was outside the hospital room when my mum went in labor, as soon as my sister was born around fajar, I told my grandma “I knew it” as I heard her cry I passed out, was super sleepy.
    I love being the elder sister and having a sister. It’s awesome.

  3. Masha Allah what a pretty pretty young lady. when I was pregnant with my second, many people would say are you praying for a boy or would generally give a dua in such way (with my first born a lil gal who is our biggest joy Masha Allah). Personally, I always prayed for a healthy baby who would bring more joy and love to us regardless of his/her sex. I secretly wished for a girl too, my elder had dozens of beautiful frocks and dresses I didn’t wanted to waste (:P) and then Allah gave me a boy. And Alhamdolillah that he’s a beautiful happy young man. Sisters are bliss, I can’t imagine any day of my life not talking to my sisters even they are thousands of miles away.

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