LIttle miss independent

Every weekday morning is an ordeal and a half. Waking up, preparing brekkie, waking Zoey, feeding her, getting ready to go and drop her. 

Just seems like a lot. 

But this morning, it was different. For once, I changed and looked presentable without fussing about it. So what if it was early in the morning? I was ready to conquer the world. But little did I know what was about to happen.

Once outside Zoey’s school, waiting in the drop line, Zoey took her bottle in her hand and said, “Mama, you can sit in the car. I will go in myself”.

Of Course, I thought I hadnt heard her right….she cant grow up overnight now, can she. I tried to reassure her that its ok and I can come and drop her in her clas (without trying to hurt her ego), but this one was adamant.

At the gate, she got off the car, waved goodbye and strolled inside…while I sat there with a tear running down my cheek, waiting for her to look back, which she didnt.

I dont know when she became this independent. But its a new feeling for me. Also, me being this emotional mushbag is a kindoff new deal.

When my drivers phone rang after about half a minute, the only thing I understood was him telling someone (probably his wife) in pushto that bhabhi is crying because Zoey went inside the school herself…..and yes that everything was ok. and He will call back.

Really, these kids do grow up too quickly!




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