Prayers in rain

This morning we woke up to a Karachi that looked and smelled beautiful. The morning, where you make a plan with friends to go out have breakfast and enjoy some fun moments together.

Sadly, that didnt happen for me. After dropping Z to school, hubby went to his usual haunt to get morning coffee while I sat in the car pondering about everything under the sun.

It was at this moment that huge drops started falling on the car.  And in my state of helplessness I started praying to Allah…because thats what I had heard from elders. The dua made during rain is not gone unheard, ever.

While I was busy praying, I heard a knock on the window, to see hubby standing there with the coffee, wanting me to step out of the car.

I get out asking why he couldnt get in from his side.

And he says….because there is water leaking from the pipe above!

So, while I was busy praying to the Allah Mian over what I thought was rain, someone in the apartment above was getting worried above losing the water to the road down there….which came on my car as rain!

Ps: Allah Mian, my prayers were right out of the heart…..even though it was not raining, let those prayers be heard.


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