Those kind of friends

There is a reason why God sends testing times our way. For me, this testing time was brought forward, amongst other things to filter out the good friends from the acquaintances, and the acquaintances from the people I know and the people I know from the people I want to keep a distance from.

As a rule, if someone is going through a tough time, I just like to keep my distance. Its not that I am rude or dont feel their pain. I like to let them know that I am genuinely ¬†right here if needed and then take a step back. Of course, I pray for them with all my heart, because I believe nothing has more healing powers than prayers. And make sure to send small reminders every now and then that I am right there…

Deep down inside I expect the same from others. I will automatically lean towards my people who will text and remind me of them being there, as compared to those people who will go beserk calling / texting / emailing to make sure that i am ok and to remind me that they are there. I know they love me and care about me, but really if you havent figuered me out so far, you need to be in the list of people I want to keep a distance from.

In the past week, I heard from people I hadnt heard from in years. Just a text with a genuine concern and positive thoughts being sent my way. Won my heart that very instant. So, for coming times, which I hope will be less testing, lets just say that your one text will do the magic…..and even if you dont do that just send a prayer above and a positive thought my way. I will be sorted.

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