Hopelessly optimistic

I have been staring at the empty wordpress window for the past 18 minutes….there is so much I want to write but for once I am at a loss of words. I cant decide whether I want to write a happy post, an honest post or just a post for the sake of blogging….

Just shows my state of mind. To say the least, the past week has been extremly taxing and exhausting. Testing relationships, questioning God, drawing a line between medicine and magic, thinking about big decisions and getting confrontations from people least expected. I told you, it has been taxing. 

My little brain fails to understand what better could come out of this, but my hopelessly optimistic self tells me that in the bigger picture, its all for good.

So, while I pick up my scattered thoughts, and muster the courage to make the pace steady and stronger, heres hoping and praying that the coming weeks will be better, happier and less testing. Amen to that!

One thought on “Hopelessly optimistic

  1. We love you, K. You be strong and please, reach out to us!!! Keep speaking your mind, keep unburdening your heart. It is crucial. We are here for you and Z.

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