The love affair

When facebook was launched, I was the last one to join it. Somehow, I am a person who detests changes. I kept on holding on to Orkut till I was made to believe how amazing (read life changing) facebook was. With privacy settings, the status updates and the amazing photo albums that could be uploaded, how could I not be a member?

The first few weeks saw me updating my status every few minutes, if not hours. The profile picture would change as the mood changed and the notes section saw me updating my thoughts every now and then. It was bliss. And this bliss continued for a few years to say the least. 

I got in touch with friends who I hadnt heard from in decades. I could flaunt my photography and achievements and keep a tab on what others were doing in the same field. To put it in short, facebook was addiction.

But somewhere in this addiction I realised I didnt want to be friends with facebook anymore. Atleast, not personally. Call me old fashioned, call me superstitious, label me whatever, but I realised I didnt want the world to know how I was celebrating my daughters birthday or what an eye candy my New York trip was. The stuff I wanted to share with my loved ones went up in private albums. I know no fun, when you cant get comments from the world…but really the people who ought to know found out what exactly was happening in my life.

Everyday, I decide to delete my facebook account. I need to get back into my shell for a bit. But I cringe. How will I know what the world is upto and the updates that sometimes keep me going? Everyday, I make the decision to not log in and every morning thats the first thing I do. But one things changed. I have become a silent observer. And I am liking it. 

Till, I am still a member on facebook, lets just say that its a keeper!


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