Make Up talk

Saturday Morning, on the way to her class…

Zoey: Mama, next when we go for groceries can I get something?

Me: You always get something. What do you need?

Zoey: I NEED to get a blush on for myself.

Me, almost fainting: Blush on?

Zoey: Yes mama. But not the stick one. I already have that. 

Me: You have a stick blush on?

Zoey: yes. I use the lip balm nono got as a pink blush on.

Me: So, what do you want now?

Zoey: I want the powder blush on. I have the brush. I took out yours. I just need the blush on now.

Me: Ok, we’ll see.

Almost collapsing. How old exactly did this little one turn last month?


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