The stress called goody bag

So, in four years, for the first time Zoey wanted to have a big birthday. Of Course, I didnt have the heart to say no. So, after making a trillion lists of cutting and adding people finally a  day and venue were decided.

So far, in all the previous years what really mattered to me was the giveaways, be it for family or classmates. Somehow, goody bags with candies and random stuff justdosent hit the spot (I promise I am not pointing fingers to anyone).

So, first birthday which was a family affair we ordered holographic glasses which turned the light points into tiny hearts. Loved it.

Second birthday, was a beach affair, again only for family and our close friends. We got caps made for kids with their names embroidered on it. 

Third birthday was a school affair. Zoey was in full Minnie glore at that point in life. So, we got mugs made which was personalised with each childs name and minnie and mickey on them.

This time around though the dynamics were different. Logistics were tough. So, after a lot of thinking, arguing and budgeting we thought of giving out pots with seeds and Pete Moss, so it was like a DIY kit.

So, post party one kid comes running to me:

Child: Aunty, can I have my goody bag, I am leaving.

Me: Of course, stay put, I am coming.

So, I run and get the goody bag which is wrapped in newspaper (which me and hubby thought was very cool). And hand it over to the child.

Child, very very dissapointed: Is this the goody bag?

Me: yes.

Child: This is it?

Me: yes jaani.

Child: Wrapped in a newspaper? (Now looking disgusted)

Me, sad: Yes. Are you dissapointed?

Child: hmm…yes. Kindoff.

And walks away.

I guess, sometimes its good to think through a childs mind. Maybe candies and water bubbles is really what is needed.

Still feeling bad for the kids who didnt enjoy the goody bag 😦





One thought on “The stress called goody bag

  1. Sounds like my child 🙂 And yes, I tried giving sunglasses out at my pool party and was demanded REAL goody bags with candy. They really are that easy to please and we are mad for trying too hard 😀 I loved the giveaway though

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