Sanity in the time of craziness

Zoey, wakes up on Monday morning school time and is surprised to see me in bed…

Z: Mama, is it a holiday today?

Me: yes jaani.

Z: Why? It’s Monday.

Me: Yes I know. The bad people are doing masti in the city, so the school is closed.

Z: Oh. Is that why you were watching the bad and the loud thing on tv tomorrow? I didn’t like that.

Me: Yes that was the news. I know you didn’t like it. And that was yesterday.

Z: Mama, lets go to the farm. Oh, we can’t, I forgot about the bad people. Can we go and play in the garden then?
And an you not let me go to the zoo? The bad people be there too?

Sometimes, it’s just so tough to be normal when the world outside is going crazy.


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