Shortest playdate….ever

Since even before Zoey started pre school, playdates was a concept that she was introduced too. Except at that time, me being the mommy could choose who was coming over to our house and whose house we were going too.

With Preschool, came friendships and bonds that took relationships to another level. Thankfully, even at that time playdates still revolved around people who we wanted to associated with. The our kindoff people.

And then came school. The big school. With all kinds of people and interactions. I must say that after hearing all kinds of horror stories, we still ended up with qite a great batch. But a great batch must also have all kinds, right?

So, one day we got invited to a play date. now this particular friend had been inviting since a while but somehow our stars never collided. So out of courtesy, I cancelled all my plans and finalised the playdate. Now this mommy, I rarely knew. And my concpet of a playdate is that while the kids play, the mommies enjoy tea and some gup shup. And this is the concept I want to stick to for the next few years….ok months.

So, we, the mommy daughter team look pretty, pick up goodies and go to the play date. Except, that when I get there, the maid wants to take Zoey in and asks me to come back and pick her up later.

I dont have the words to explain my emotions at that time. I was horrified. I dont know this mommy, my bacha has never been left at a friends house alone before, and this is not mentioned at the time of the invite.

One side of me wanted to take zoey back and one side of me wanted to leave zoey and sit and wait in the car outside. But Thank God, better sense prevailed. I met the mother, who insisted that I leave the child and go. I like a leech, stuck around and in 20 mins I excused saying we have other commitments and left…..

But to date I wonder, if it was the right thing to do….Maybe its time to let Zoey be all independent and take a step back, maybe I should have just taken Zoey back home instead of asking to meet the other mommy….Maybe, I really dont know!


One thought on “Shortest playdate….ever

  1. just came across this… nice to know I’m not the only mom who insists on inviting herself in (albeit for a short while) when dropping my kid off at a playdate! Somehow the ‘big’ (read:elite) schools unfortunately come packaged with a maid culture I personally haven’t become so comfortable with as yet.

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