Post Vacation Mode

Vacations are necessary. To open one’s mind. To see the world. To clear the thoughts. To begin afresh and most importantly to connect with oneself. 

And when all of this is done and vacations come to end, someone like me write’s. To relive the vacations later and when some strike of inspiration is needed.

Except, there is so much to write about, I am kindoff lost as to where I should start. So, while I am trying to sort out the endless gb’s of photographs and the tickets of the broadways and movies, I am trying to bear with myself and making a mental checklist of all that needs to be up on my wordpress space. Bear with me.

Ps: I leave K town for 3 weeks and come back to the horrible campaigns of Lux “Shararat” and Olper’s “Meeri choice” or something to that effect. Eeow.

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