Blood is thicker than water

I grew up in a joint family, where grandparents played an important role (even if it was just to make us more spoilt), Cousins were people who got to see the best and worst of us and servants were almost family. Sigh. Really really good times. It was these relationships that threaded the personality traits together to make me the person I am today. I wont say it was all sugar coated life back then. Obviously, more than half the time I wanted to poison the food we were all eating, but really we all survived. All the good memories that I have of my childhood have at least one cousin involved.

When I had Zoey, one of the things that I wanted her to have was cousins. She has them, but none of them live here. As a result she thrived on cousinship with my cousins, who in reality are her aunts and uncles and are way older than her….till the last weekend. That is when her three cousins flew down from States. 

Since the time I found out about their coming I was most excited. I wanted Zoey to have the same amazing time that I had had with my cousins back then. The difference being that their time of being together is limited. Zoey, had no idea about what cousins were and how to deal with anyone who wants to share grandparents. If she had it her way, she would have not allowed them to enter the house. It took me weeks of brainwashing and discussions to prepare her about their coming.

But when the girls did visit, it was a blast in the truest sense of the word. Zoey reacted much better than what I expected. The house was full of noise, with food everywhere and an argument every 20 minutes if not more often. There were moments when I was transported back into my childhood. Afterall, one never ever forgets or forgives the cousins for all the good times and bad. Here’s, hoping to lots of more memories in the making inshallah for the generation next!


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