Relating weight

Weight loss and me, well we have never exactly been the best of friends. From gyming to starving I have almost done it all. Fad diets, walk in the parks, honey water early morning, everything. But nothing, nothing keeps that EXTRA weight away from me. These days again I am trying to watch my diet, which means I am trying to cut out carbs and binge on protein. But by day end I need to have sugar in my system in order to continue my life smoothly. If I must say so myself, I think I maybe on the right path. I feel better and I think eventually the extra weight might just make a move out of my life.
A friend this morning complimented saying that I have lost weight and I was looking lovely. I want to believe her, obviously. It’s not everyday that someone notices and makes a comment about something like this.
The day in the evening I receive a call from a friend whom I haven’t ward from in a long time. After the greeting bit she congratulated me. I obviously thought that it was for Zoeys admission till she asked me when I was due!
I asked her what made her think that I was pregnant and she said that she saw me in Tv and was sure I was due sometime in the summers! 😦
Really! It was heart breaking. I felt so depressed that I has no choice but to order in pizza (extra cheese please) and then indulge in some ice cream and call it a day after a bar of chocolate!
Sometimes I really think that maybe I should just quit trying to lose weight. Or maybe go and get some surgical procedure done and then donate all the fat to Eskimos. I am sure that with all that there is they will atleast be sorted for the next 5 years!


One thought on “Relating weight

  1. Aww… I’m sorry. I have a tough time with it, too. Then I got my thyroid checked and realized that was a large part of the problem. Now I’m working on losing the pregnancy weight – but 5 months pp, it’s going nowhere :O(

    Have you had your thyroid checked? Here in the US, the most up-to-date endocrinologists use new parameters to determine whether your TSH is too high…

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