Live it long

Everyday after picking Zoey I like talking to her about her school day. I am curious to know what she did and how her day went. Last week, on the way back home the conversation was as follows:

Me: Zoey, how was school?

Zoey: Fine.

Me: What did you do?

Zoey: Saba Aunty told us about “Diplodocus”

Me: Confused and worried…what is a Diplodocus?

Zoey: Its an animal with a looooonnnnggg neck.

Me: Zoey, an animal with a long neck is called a giraffe (silently thanking God that the biggest admission test was way behind us).

Zoey: Mama, its a dinosaur. It has a long neck.

Me: Ok jano. I will just go home and google it. I dont know about it.

Sometime during our bedtime routine that night, I could not remember the name of the dinosaur with the long neck…

Me: Zoey, whats the name of that long necked animal?

Zoey: Its called a giraffe mama.

Me: No jano. The dinosaur. The one with the long neck.

Zoey: Giving me a puzzling look. Dinosaur? Long neck? The dinosaur is called T Rex mama. and T Rex does not have a long neck.

Me: Zoey, what was the name of the dinasaur that saba aunty told you about today. The one with the long neck.

Zoey: Long neck animal is Giraffe mama….

Sigh. I have no choice but to wait and ask Aunty Saba the next day…..

Next Day:

I have a conversation with Saba Aunty in school about the Dinosaur. And When she says “Diplodocus” Zoey looks up at me, smiles and says “Oh, Diplodocus has a long neck mama and its not a giraffe, its a dinasaur”!

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