The Grammar School story

So, it was 11th April that was suppose to be our D day. By this time we had heard enough stories for us to be prepared and look forward to the admission test being past us.

11.15 am was the time. Keeping Zoey in a good mood was the aim. Her minnie mouse chappals that I had gotten 2 months ago were kept as a bribe. We stopped at Amis to get her whatever she wanted. A johnsons baby lotion bottle was our companion to the school along with a bag full of Zoey’s kitchen utensils. Really, I wasnt sure what kind off an image we were going to portray carrying that bag inside with us.

Parking our car, we step inside the building to handover our appointment slip to the guy who tries having a conversation with Zoey, and Zoey refuses to answer. His parting words were, “baby you need to answer inside otherwise its no good”. Obviously, my heart had started sinking. By this time Zoey also knew that we were in Grammar school to stay, well, inshallah. She started getting edgy and wanted to leave immediately. Walking in, seeing new faces started making Zoey clingy, exactly what I did not need. But thank god we were early and that gave us enough time to get Zoey accustomed to the school that she already knew, well kindoff. The teachers who take the kids for the test were most trained and patient, must I add. Zoey was given books to read and crayons to colour but she wasnt interested in them, obviously. She made us roam about and I tried talking to her about how Saba Aunty’s friend will take her in the other room to play. She point blank refused. My heart had already sunk. I have never ever felt nervous before.

I take her to one of the teachers and introduce her as Saba Aunty’s friend. The so called friendd takes on the lead wonderfully. She engages Zoey in a conversation asking about Saba and pre school plus. Zoey, by this time let her guard down.

Its our turn to go in. The teachers gives her hand to Zoey and Zoey catches on to it. We walk into the Headmistresses room. We seat ouorselves while Zoey is made to stand right next to Mrs Rehman.

Mrs Rehman very comfortably gets Zoey into talking and Zoey also talks back as comfortably. This is new for me. And soon Zoey is given a token and she is expected to leave. I have a lump in my throat. This is the moment I have been dreading. The moment that I wasnt sure how to react too. But Zoey didnt give me a chance to think. She magically went away with the teacher. I think I almost fainted out of relief….

And then it was our turn. We were in the room to be questioned. It is important to say here that Mrs R had a very very warm persona and she made it really easy to talk to her. Conversation jumped from Zoey being an only child, to the change we have seen in her in the past one school going year, to the languages spoken at home, the kind of parenting we do and what we expect from the school. I think it was a good 12 minutes that were were sitting and chatting. When I say “we” I mean that Uzair chatted and I smiled.

We were allowed to leave and I wanted to do a little dance outside. I coulnt believe Zoey went in so magically and Uzair chatted so comfortably. Two things that day that made me smile endlessly. This really was my test. Zoey’s going in.

The result is on 28th inshallah. I have my fingers crossed. Test went so smoothly, inshallah the result should also be magical…if not, mentally I have already given Zoey a 10 on 10….

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