Phir bhi dil hai Punjabi

It’s unbelievable what a year of pre school has taught Zoey. She knows her Balooes (blues) from Bal lack (black), she knows her Papateeyas (papayas) from mangoes and she knows a whole lot more which sometimes really really surprises me. She’s finally at a point where she enjoys going to school now and looks forward to meeting her friends and aunties.

However, that said, Zoey to the heart is still a total outdoor person. She loves being out and about and going to the farm is what makes her truely happy. I wish we could have all the school admission tests there. Obviously, we would provide the convince and some snacks. Yesterday, being an added holiday meant a trip to the farm…

Where her highness could shower under the trees…

Snack on some nimko daal…

Enjoy the swing in her vest….

Play with the pigeons….

And ponder about why and how is going to school a necessity a life?


3 thoughts on “Phir bhi dil hai Punjabi

  1. In an ideal world, we’d be able to learn where we felt best. I could also use a trip to the farm to play with pigeons and such!

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