That time of the year

With the winters wrapping up and spring being in the air, for mothers like me its more about stress this year than the beautiful colors an lawns. The conversations have been revolving around admissions, admissions and more admissions. And on the 1st of this month it was more about Grammar School admission than anything else.

All my cousins went there. And my khalas and mamoos used to go and stand in the line a night before the actual date just to be there on time. Obviously, it sounded quite nightmarish back then. But this was years ago. From acquaintances I had heard about how things are more organised now. Hubby and I decided to share the task. He went to get the registration slip at 5.45 am (he was the 220th person in line) while I was to take charge of Zoey and her school routine.

If I say I was already nervous, it would be the truth. Since the past week all discussion has been about admission test and time in all circles of life. Friends have been texting me from all over the globe wanting to know about the date of the test. I think I dint get this much attention when people found out that I was pregnant.

But in all honesty, yesterday when I was there to fill the registration form I had butterflies in my stomach. My palms were sweaty and my writing was shameful. The lady next to me kept on wiping her forehead. Almost all the parents were a nervous wreck. Please note, this was just registration. I really wonder how the test day actually makes you feel.

But really, regardless of all the shitty things I have heard about the school (from parents whose kids are still enrolled there and from parents whose kids did not get to go there) the school does leave an impact. The people involved, the atmosphere, the building, there is something that makes you wish, hope and pray that your child will end up going there….inshallah!

Here’s sending out good karma to all the parents and the kids who will be going through the drill in the coming weeks. This too shall pass.


2 thoughts on “That time of the year

  1. Good luck to your daughter. I went to school there(I donno why people keep saying shitty things about it..I can bet you the ones who are already there do NOT mind lording over others that their kid got in..but find it fashionable to crib)

    You are is an experience of a life altered me inexplicable ways..good luck to all of you..I can only imagine the pressure..I actually have no kids so maybe I can not.But I will hope for you guys

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