Just chill

In the past few days, with the admissions up our throat, it seems like suddenly Zoey is also all grown up and ready to hit the big school. But the admissions, thats another story all together.

Yesterday (happens almost everyday) me an Zoey were having an arguement about tying her hair. These days shes going through only wear the hairband phase and this weather is obviously not helping. Getting ready for school, I asked Zoey to come and get her hair combed.

Me: Zoey, jaani its getting late. Come here so I can comb your hair.

Zoey: No mama. Zoey wants to wear hairband.

Me: But Zoey hairband dosent look nice. Your hair is all messy.

Zoey: No mama. Zoey is wearing a hairband. You dont have to worry about me.

She gave me shrug and went out in the car.

I almost fainted.

This morning, I came out of the room.

Me: Zoey? Where are you?

Zoey from somewhere far away: Mama, zoey is in dadas room.

Me: What are you doing there jaani?

Zoey: Zoey is chilling mama.

~Sigh~ Its so hard to believe that this almost 3 year old is getting to be so independent and entertaining. Thank you Allah Mian. Really cant remember what entertainment we had before this bundle came into our lives!


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