Phenomena KGS

Considering my social life is at a halt these days, the only people I meet regularly are ladies in Zoeys school or  my grouchy gym trainer. But really, the discussion these days is either about having another kid (that is if you dont already have a bump) or admissions.

I had heard about how admissions are so stressful and nerve wrecking ( please read Grammar School admission), but never really thought it would be true. Its just admissions, right. Wrong. Its apparently about life and death, its about your childs entire life and its about making me feel bad that I didnt go to Grammar School, just so that Zoey could maybe have a slightly higher chance of getting in. None of us admit that our child getting into KGS would be one of the proudest and happiest moments of our lives, but deep down inside we all want our kids to go there and rightly so, who dosent want the best for their kids?

I am surrounded by mothers whose child is already admitted in one of the elitist schools but still goes to tution for KGS test. Just so you know, the child turned 3 last month. Another mother sits down with her kid everyday for an hour and a half making the child do flash cards, writing and what not. Another mother who I know off invites random people with kids over to her house just so her daughter is stranger friendly and ready for the test. I will confess, hearing these things does stress me out. Peer pressure also makes me think that maybe Zoey does need to go to tutions to prepare for the test and because she is shy maybe I should stand at Aghas and invite every aunty with a child over to my place to help Zoey get over her shyness. But then I slap myself to reality and remind her highness that I am not going to be ONE of those mothers, not that I have anything against them.

I think that admissions are a game of chance, majorly. As the month of  March approaches I am surrounded by advice.

“Zoey ki baby book lay k jana”….”Make her practice writing her name”…”teach her to climb all the way up on the jungle gym”…”Let Uzair hold the door for you while you walk into the interview room, he should also pull your chair out for you”…”Zoey ko solid colour ka dress pehna na”….”Tell her to ask for a brown colour if they give her a picture of a horse to colour”…

Honestly, I am loving all this. I wish I could do all this with Zoey and make a reminder list for Uzair telling him to pull out the chair and also take out the words from my mouth and do the talking. But the problem is that us being us, we will do what we want to do on the day. That dosent mean that we will pull out each others hair or pretend to be the most in love couple on the face of this earth. But, you know what I mean. While majority of the moms are busy working preparing their kids, this is how we are spending our days…hoping and praying that inshallah all will work out for the best as always! Keep the duas rolling!



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