Missing Amijee

Situation: Zoey sitting on her little potty in my paternal grand mothers room, who was called and is fondly remembered as “Amijee”

Zoey:  Mama, where is amijee?

Me: Thinking how to answer this as simply as possible. Beta, amijee is with Allah Mian.

Zoey: Why Allah Mian mama?

Me: hmmm. Trying to distract Zoey, I ask whats the colour of the flower on the wall Zoey?

Zoey: Mama, but why amijee Allah Mian?

Me: Amijee was a nice lady Zoey an Allah Mian wanted her to be with him.

Zoey: Allah Mian uncle?

Me: No jaani.

Zoey: ok. Allah Mian aunty?

Me: Na jaana. Allah Mian is only Allah Mian.  No uncle or aunty.

Zoey: Ok mama. Amijee pack bag and go?

Me: No Zoey. Amijee had good monkey manners (a book about manners that Zoey has) and she only took those.

Zoey: But why mama?

Me: I dont know jaani.

After a few moments of pondering

Zoey: mama, Zoey miss Amijee.

I roll my eyes….shs never even met amijee how can she possibly miss her?

Me: Haan janoo so do I.

Zoey: Why mama miss amijee?

Mama picks up zoey, washes her and shuns her out of the room to play football before more questions can be asked!


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