What kind of a wife am I?

Its been a few months since we as a husband and wife team decided that hubby will go to Dubai to attend his friends wedding and I will happily stay back. This decision was reached after weighing a lot of options and prioritizing what was important.

Interestingly, the 9 days that he has been away not even did I regret not going to the plastic city. It was a good break for us both, hopefully, and I took care of stuff here that ha to be taken care off. But while he has been away for some odd reason I have been judged as a wife by different people in my life. Someone who I respect and know very well called me from across cities and without waiting for me to answer her salaam she got on to what a bad thing I did by not going with my husband and what a bad companion I am. I  pleaded my case by telling her that I didnt want Zoey to miss her sports day and 10 days of school, but obviously the judgement had been passed. Furthermore, she also said that hes going out with his friends all the time while I choose to sit and do nothing an home. Mi way to saving my grace, I opted to not answer. But really for days this conversation stuck in my mind and  made my otherwise cheerful mood go grey.

Today, I got a whatsapp alert from a friend who again me me think about what he wrote.

A: Remember what I told you once that you will become the kin of wife totally centered on your husband?

Me: 🙂 Isnt that what wives are supposed to be?

A: 80’s ki wives…yes

Me: 🙂 Aur aaj kal ki wives kya karti hain?

A: They are more self assured.

Me: And what makes you think I am not self assured?

A: You may want to live your own life more too.

I smiled reading this conversation. Either I come across as 80’s ki biwi or I come across as a bad companion.

Obviously, there is something that I am doing wrong. Next thing I know I will start coming across as a pathetic mother. Maybe a tattoo, regular coffee with friends, a few Gucci’s and LV’s might help. No harm trying. As it is I have nothing to lose!


3 thoughts on “What kind of a wife am I?

  1. Wow, this sounds so familiar. You can never make the world happy – I tried and fell flat on my face. Doing what you believe is right with a clear conscience is the best way to go about it. Don’t let them get you down. 🙂

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