From toddler to a young girl

Since the birth of iphone in my life, my camera beechara has to deal with injustice. It now only comes out for shoots or when I need to capture images in low light. Otherwise its my iphone always doing the photography works, till 2 days ago.

I wanted to capture Zoey at my mothers house. So, in the evening when the tummy was relatively full, nap taken and mood playful, I took out the camera and randomly started clicking. Zoey is used to this drill. So, after taking a million shots and being immensely pleased with what I saw in the lcd, I was suddenly overwhelmed at how quickly time is passing and how Zoeys expressions are changing. For a few seconds there I think my love kindoff overflowed.

I went and hugged her hard and said, “I love you Zoey baba”. She looked up at me and said “Ok mama. Now lept me go, its bounce time”. Adn wriggled out of my arms and ran away.

~Sigh~ I never thought it would come to this, this soon!


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