Winter smelling

The morning today had a slight chill to it. The chill that announces the coming of winters and makes you realize that another year is going to come to an end soon. This kind of weather makes me want to wake up early, open the windows and enjoy my  hot cup of tea.

Along with this chill also comes dry skin and lips, and a shopping trip to indulge in these goodies. I love this kind of shopping. After a lot of market research, after years I finally got myself  Nivea. The good ol blue tin container. It was a reassurance to me of an era gone by, of the winters well spent at amis home, and a reminder of my grandmother who I used to think smelt so wonderful (a combination of nivea and motia flowers).

Sigh. I love winters. Among the hot cup of tea, a warm hug, the right handbag, the perfect hoops, just the right shoes……the right kindoff of moisturizer and a fruity lip balm can ensure a perfect start to a perfect day!

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