Motherhood ladder

Being born under unusual circumstances, Zoey was a special baby. She required more attention and care than other babies born at the same time. I remember waking up in the  middle of the night to give her a bottle of milk. And in other occasions where I would just randomly jump out of the bed and tip toe to her crib to check if she was breathing.

I believed that with time I would become a better and a slightly less paranoid mother.

I would say that  I surprised myself with the way I molded myself in the new title that was entrusted upon me.

Now post two years, in exactly 2 days we start school inshallah. We, as a mother daughter team have come a long way. With toilet training, food fuss, and introduction of social etiquette, I was sure that with time motherhood would become easier for me. I cant complain.

But I will admit that there are still times when I jump out of my bed and tip toe to Zoeys bed to see her breathing. I guess as we climb up the motherhood ladder, some things never change. Paranoid or not, I need to learn to live with it!


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