The Nuclear Unit

In today’s time, long gone is the concept of the man being the sole bread earner for the family. Major reason being that because of the expenses its not possible to make the ends meet but also because the educated woman now wants to be independent and wants to pursue her dreams and career. Rightly so. And two people earning means more to spend and more to save eventually.

I am surrounded by couples who work. And in many instances the wife earns more than the husband. Which sometimes makes me wonder what kind of relationship they have. No, please dont get me wrong. I am not being the old fashioned, paindoo biwi. But really, how does the husband feel? How do the dynamics work?

In one instance, the wife told me that she dosent share a penny of her earnings with the husband. Its her money and her earnings and her husband is supposed to take care of the expenses and stuff. Its not her responsibility to share. Another wife who also earns more than the hubby said that whatever she earns is their savings and whatever the hubby earns is their spending. This allows them to indulge into vacations and extravagant buys.

Yet another wife told me that she dosent tell her husband her earnings. Her explanation is that her money is her security an if she tells her hubby about them he will not work as hard as he should.

Let me tell you, all these couples are happily married…or atleast as happy as they can be.

But really….how does it all work?

2 thoughts on “The Nuclear Unit

  1. I would be miserable if my wife earned more than me. Not because I originally cared, but thats how she tells me it must be, i.e., I earning more than her. Although it shouldn’t matter as she does not spend what she earns on home or family or any expenses. But still I am in dilemma, because she is far richer than me, as she saves whatever she earns and eventually I end up spending all my earnings on her and family, and then she has excuse to belittle me for being poorer than her. Heck, her job actually costs me extra, as I need to pay her job related expenses as well.

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