love and its kind

Life unrolls with it all kinds of love.

There is the friendly love, the one who will hear you cry about your breaking heart and who will accompany you on a hot and humid sunday to itwaar bazaar to kill time. This is the love who will write letters to you and show you the sunshine when its not even dawn. The love that starts to fade away as you move on in life.

Then there is the intense love. You dont necessarily go out with this kind, but its the love that will make your heart flutter at the mere mention of its name. The kind where telephone conversations will go on till wee hours of the night. The love that will will make you question, and will forever take over your mind.  This is the love that will scar you forever but you will be glad that you didnt end up together.

And then there is the forever love. The one that made you feel beautiful when you were not, the one where comfort takes over and the one where life falls into an easy pace. This is the kind of love that will be a warm blanket on a chilly evening, the one which understands you without you saying anything. This is the kind of love that will make you smile when you lie in bed alone and sleep has left you alone, even years after you parted ways with this love.

This, is the love that will be your strength always and always and the one that will make you forever wonder about how life would be had it chosen to be partners with this kind of love.



7 thoughts on “love and its kind

  1. lovely post…….ive been through all these 3 kindss uve mentioned…..nd on n off the memories from all the three kinds come to knock at my door….nice post:)

  2. i wonder what mite be the issue,as ive checked all my settings as well,they dont indicate any such restriction though.if you have any idea how o undo this plz do let me know.:)cheers

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