Diaper-less way to investments

When Zoey was born unexpectedly early, everyone around told me that after the initial two months, things will start becoming easier for me as a mom. When the two months passed, and things started becoming easier, I was told by everyone that another 4 months and I would be living my normal life again. True, things id become easy. Zoey started office with me, she dint want to be fed every two hours and slept for slightly longer time. I was still not exactly where I thought I would be.

As she started meeting her milestones, I was time and again told by friends, who were also mamas that the first year is the toughest and then its a smooth sail.

First birthday brought with it saying goodbye to crawling (which meant we needed to be more vigilant), introductions to wider food variety (which meant more experimentation with milk kind and trying out different textures) and greeting teething in full swing. With endless potties and tantrum sessions, we finally hit 18 months, thankfully.

Though, Zoey was more independent now, she needed more entertainment, she became more people shy and she became extremely choosy with food. Still I was reassured that in another 6 months times things will become better, though by this time I really had forgotten what exactly “better” was.

But really, as we hit two…things did start becoming better. We could go out for lunches and dinners without a baby bag. The diaper didnt have to be changed every 2 hours and zoey could self entertain herself for short whiles. I started dreaming of going and watching movies with her at the cinema and enjoying shopping with her.

Till, the reality hit me! Her paediatrician wanted me to get rid of her milk bottles….damn! And I was reminded that she had to be toilet trained.

It was then that I realized that even two is not an age for things to become “better”…as I call it.

These days we are trying to do toilet training….and may I please order the “ing” to change to “ed” as of right now? Of all the things since birth, I think by far toilet training is the one thats checked my patience the most….there are moments when  want to remin myself that no 5 year old wears diapers  and inshallah Zoey will be diaper free when she hits 5. But no, I have pressurized myself to get this done before she starts school inshallah and save the money that we spend on diapers every month an invest that in savings instead. Who knows that might be our chance of becoming millionares in the next few months.

Please keep praying for our toilet training success!




3 thoughts on “Diaper-less way to investments

  1. can you please FB me how you are going about it. I have been trying on and off for six months now (he is 2.4 now) and I feel that there is a mystery code out there that I havent accessed

  2. aww thats a cute cute post…..but nyways with every month nd every year u do see betterment,and settlement in all those affairs which were unsettled before,so ull pass this toilet training thing tooo with flying colors;)
    gud luck:)

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