Your Allah Mian or Mine?

I am not one of the very good muslims. Yes, I try to pray regularly, include the good things in my to do list, etc etc. But I still manage to lack behind. But even through all of this one thing that is a regular is my conversations with Allah Mian. You know how everyone has their own connection? Well, mine is through a monologue. I know I need to pray regularly, fast, be good and all those things in order to be heard. But hey, hes Allah Mian an he will listen if we ask, right?

A few days ago I met someone who claims to be heard by Allah Mian all the time.  The conversation took on to how I wanted something to work out and how I was asking Allah Mian to make  it work out for me. The gentleman mentioned, looked at me and replied, saying that it will work out agar behtri hui tu (if it is suppose to have wellness for me). Huh? I controlled my self. But this is one explanation that NEVER works for me. If this was the case, we should all just stop any kind of decision making and concentrate on agar behtri hui bit (if it is supposed to work out for me). I am usually not aggressive or blunt where religion is concerned. Everyone has their own way of dealing with God. My way of dealing is talking to him and telling him that this is what I want and I want behtri (wellness) in that, please. Isnt that how one talks to friends and people close to you? Isnt Allah Mian supposed to be the close’est? And fulfills whatever you want? Well, obviously we need to ask for it first! I like this relationship and I hope I will continue with this. I told the gentle man to follow this and see for himself what works, and what dosent!


4 thoughts on “Your Allah Mian or Mine?

  1. well- its a personal call always to find out what works for you and i too think that i will continue to pray for what i want and then ask Him to make THAT the behtari.

    but recent events have come to prove to me in so many ways that we are wayy too limited as human beings to see the vastness of the plan. and i have had to acknowledge that sometimes- ok most times :)- what He has in mind is too cool for us human beings to even consider. So yes, i think i might have to admit to the agar behtri huee plan for myself

  2. Well, I would to an extent agree with the gentleman. I, too, like yourself used to have the same sentiments against the statement. But, gradually looking around you will realize the bigger picture. A closed door is not an opportunity lost, its just Allah Mia’s way of trying to make you see the other far amazing routes you didnt notice before.

    I have seen people crying for something and then it leading to spiraling disasters. So yeah, asking Allah Mai to grant you if its best for you is the right way. Its a long debate. I will try to go into detail in a post soon inshAllah.

    on the lighter side, have you seen the movie Wish Master? : ) ..

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