Terrible twos already?

Dearest Zoey,

They say time flies when you are having fun…I must say they are right. Its been 2 years since you decided to be a part of our family and must I say that the past two years have really been fun, mashallah. The first year was a big milestone for us as parents, but this second year I think was more of a milestone for you, you know. You learnt how walking can be so much better than crawling and how good company can be so pleasurable. To out it in short you have learnt to be all independent, thank god.

It was a few months into your second year that papa left for the eternal journey. You were extremely fond of him. And to date when you see his pictures you point to them and give me a very questioning look wanting to inquire where he is. I wonder at times how to explain this vanishing act to you. If I tell you hes left us to be in a better place, you will probably think hes either enjoying himself at the pool in gymkhana or is now permanently living at Mc Donalds. Considering these are the only better places than home for you.

It was in late July that mama and baba did the mistake of sending you to school. I know we were following a system and that shit, but deep down inside it saddened me to send you off, seeing that you hated being left alone there. Its was after 2 weeks that one day baba decided to pick you up from school and he saw you howling away. Happily that was the end of torture for me and you. After god know how many months, I fell in love with your baba again because of this decision that he made.

July was also the month that phopoo left for New Zealand. First papa vanished and then phopoo. Two of your most favorite people. But thank god for skype. I think you resorted to the fact that phopoo decided to leave home and settle in the computer. You were happy about the fact that she left her room here for you to enjoy. Little pleasures of life is what you enjoy immensely.  In August your favorite khala of that time left for Cardiff.Even though you missed her, being in her room made your day. And once again skype came to our rescue.

The biggest concern of family was that you weren’t talking yet. Well, why would you? If people around me did everything without my saying a word, seriously even I wouldnt want to talk….but thankfully around 20 months you decided to take matters into your own hands and the monosylibic world opened up.

You are a total dadihaali bacha. You love home…you love dada, dadi, phopoo and everything else related to the paternal side of the family. So much so that your dada and dadi had to travel to punjab to attendd a wedding and you fell ill because you missed them. Seriously, you do justice to the khoon ka rishtas.

Gymkhana, Mc Donalds kidz klub and nonos home are places that make your eyes twinkle. Because everytime we woul say mc donalds you would jump up and down, we would end up taking you. Me and baba started talking in code words and called mc donalds “emm”…and you being you picked up on it and started calling mc donalds emm too.

You are a total outdoor bird. Rooftops, roads, parks, farm, nursery all are heaven for you. Life cant get any better when you are there. On the other hand, shopping is the only indoor activity you like. (Note: trait from phopoo). Clothes, creams, shoes and  jewellery. An mind you only the best quality catches your eye. Anything less than a coach bag ends up in your toy basket.

I can keep on going on and on and on. But I have to stop somewhere. Its just a marvel to see you, the three pounder all grown up and running around mashallah. Life without you, I really dont remember how we spent it (except that we used to go on a lot of trips).

I will continue this letter in another post….someday…hopefully. But till then, I love you endlessly and you are the bestest bacha till now. Lets see what the terrible twos hold for us! Love you.

Ps: Anyone who reads this please remember this threes a crowd in your duas.

4 thoughts on “Terrible twos already?

  1. i love letters to the babies 🙂 happy birthday to zoey- i honestly thought when i first saw her that she was the most surreal looking tiny baby in the world. then i got my own- so heres to you and z- many long wonderful years ahead

  2. how adorable! i can totally relate to this.. also love how ‘after months’ you fell in love with uzi again 🙂 lol. a small decision like that says alot about how he feels for zoey.. and thats really touching. happy bday to zoey!

  3. As always its a brillinat post and MashAllah for lill Zoey who is so grown up 🙂 Happy Birthday to the lill one from me and yes u all are always in my prayers 😀 !!

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