Something about mommies

Since childhood I remember ama leaving us with the 2 set of grand parents and jet setting away. I know it may not sound right, but we as kids used to love it. You know when the parents are travelling, grandparents become extra nice, all khalas and mamoos make it a point to keep you happy, and the cousins will accept it when you say you did not get out when playing kho kho. As for us kids….well, the kittens will play when the cat is away. This trend of parents travelling while we are at home still continues. But you know things feel different now. I was never the mommy’s chummy girl. We had our differences which we proudly shared out loud. But after marriage something changed. Feelings started differing when parents would be travelling. Ami Abus first trip happened when my shaadi was one year old. Even though distances dont allow me to go over to their place everyday (well, I cant complain I still go visit them ALMOST every day) but there was this hollow empty feeling pulling at me everyday reminding me that the set of parents were not in the city.

Today, ami left for umra and tomorrow abu leaves for lahore. And I already feel down in the dumps thinking that the house is going to be closed. I already miss ami and thinking about abus departure, I miss him too. Thank God my 3 and a half year old set of parents are not travelling at the moment. Sometimes I really wonder how it would have been had I been living on my own, without the in laws. Either I would be a hopeless depressed case or I would be the biggest socialite Karachi would have ever seen….running away from the home that would house only 2 more people!


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