My materialistic wishlist

I am not a big shopping fan. I know that comes across as surprising. But I will buy what I like and thats that. No roaming about. No comparing prices. Nothing. I m a dream come true for the shop keepers. But since a few days I have been compiling a mental shopping wishlist that I would like Aallah Mian to fulfill. I am willing to work for it, but it would be wonderful if I can just get it all while I am busy reading a book lying in bed. Yes yes I am a dreamer.

So, just for the record my wishlist includes:

~ A bigger studio space

~ A zoom lens

~ A princess cut 2 karat diamond ring

~ That yummy camera

~ A trip to Bora Bora

There is more to the wishlist….but I will save that for another post. If you are reading this and are a wellwisher, please ask Allah Mian to approve this application soonest! Thanks in advance.

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