4 years and the counting continues

Tomorrow marks 4 years and some months and a few days to the sms I got in Mecca, on the 2nd day of haj. Our love story, if I can call it that is crazy. People who know us say that they knew all along the 11 years that we would end up together. I swear I have another version to share, but some other day.

However, Mr hubby decided to text me across continents on my sisters mobile suggesting that we should get married. Obviously, I was happy….and excited and scared as hell. Proposal over sms? That too when I was on hajj? Obviously, I didnt know his true artistic side at that time (some things you only find out after living together). After making up a million answers in my head, I texted back saying that it will have to wait till I got back to K land.

I came back to K land, met up with the artist himself but no mention of the text. It was almost as if someone had texted using his number. I was in a dilemma. Maybe he had changed his mind? Maybe he was playing a prank back then. You know how all the negative thoughts decide to take over at times like these.

4 years ago, on 20th February I invited hubby dearest out for a sushi dinner. Very tactfully I brought up the subject, again and to my surprise the conversation took on a very very light note. It was post dinner that hubby called and asked when would be a good time to send his mother over. That was the time I started having second thoughts, my knees started going weak and I wanted to spend the rest of my life under the comforter.

Rest, as they say is history. To day we argue about who proposed whom. The matter of the fact is we are together, Alhumdulillah. In the new years of marriage, we celebrated endless monthaversaries, religiously. But with the fast pace of life and the change of lifestyle the monthaversaries started taking a back seat. However, this is one anniversary we enjoy celebrating. It takes us back to the day where sushi changed our lives.

Happy 4 years jaan. Heres wishing us many many happy more inshallah!


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