Unquotable quotes

Its amazing how people just randomly say things and they become food for thought….below are a few lines that were uttered to me at different times in the past week, by people from different walks of life. Enjoy!

~ “Dont keep in touch with your ex even if he was your best friend. Its going to be like married to two men at the same time. You do realize how tough that is going to be?”

~ “Oh you say your namaaz? And you still want a tattoo?”

~ “Always leave some room for mystery. If you give your whole to your husband, he’ll soon lose interest.”

~ “There are days when the Karachi winds blow & the sky is so clear blue you want to dive in & disappear into that blueness & swim through space looking down on all the human struggle on earth like the bluebird of happiness itself.”

~ “I believe in simplicity…I don’t like my stuff designed!”

~ “The glow on your face says that life is treating you well!”

~ “She’s so sensible, how can she marry a guy two years younger to her?”

~ “Keep smiling…someone, somewhere is always on a lookout for it.”

~ “Mein bhaut dair say tumhain deekh kay peechanay ki koshish kar rahi thi, you have changed so much, but phir bhi typical kanwal touch remains!”

~ “The relationship that you have with him at such a young age is something people achieve after ten years of marriage!”

~ “Opposites attract-but don’t survive.”

~ “Kabhi kabhi acha bhi lagna chahiyay…!”

~ “He said he’s emailed the document, we’ll probably get it in two days!”

~ “You are my best friend, but I will not tell you that I am on my way to dadhood before the first trimest is over.”


3 thoughts on “Unquotable quotes

  1. the bluebird and the glow on your face for me.love them. keep whoever mentioned them to you very close to your heart.

    i will reserve my comments on SOME of them.
    well ok perhaps I can on one!! re: keeping in touch with the ex. well there are some who have kept in touch with more than just the last one and are rockin’ the Draupadi lifetsyle

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