Becoming a couple

These days I am surrounded by people who are desperately trying to find their other halves. Its interesting to see what they want to compromise and what is a must have in their to be spouse. It is in this quest that I get thrown the fact that it was easy for me because I knew hubby dearest since God knows how long. Agreed. But what these people dont understand is the fact that marriage wasn’t a piece of cake for me either. Seriously. I think, in reality it was more difficult for me to adjust because I got into this relationship with a certain set of expectations, you know those that we have when we think we know someone just too well?

I laugh out loud when these single people tell me that they want to know their other half better before they sign that flimsy document, the nikahnama. The matter of the fact is, there is not going to be any better knowing till you decide to share the bathroom space, the bed space, the lounging space, all the mental and physical spaces that were singly yours till before this. Each relationship, no matter how old, when entering marriage has to start afresh. Its a brand new set of ideas, circumstances, relations and everything else. Believe me. Been there, done that. Having traveled with hubby as friends before we tied the knot, I thought I really knew who I was marrying and was ready for it. But believe me now that I look  back, I really do wonder who did I marry compared to what I know of him today.

Getting married, whether to your sweetheart of 10 years, a co worker or a stranger…all will bring about a settling down time. You know the time where you will have to figure out the shared dreams, ideals, the savings and all those things? Enjoy the time. Eventually, there will be a time when you will feel a couple and looking back will realize that all that you went through…was worth it.



2 thoughts on “Becoming a couple

  1. this is awesome .. cant tell u how much i love reading your blog .. ur riting is brilliant .. and reading this makes me realize how wrong i think sometimes .. looking fwd to the next step in life 😀

  2. uff asking people to share “bathroom space, the bed space, the lounging space, all the mental and physical spaces that were singly yours” before saying I do, tauba! tauba! 😉
    chalo if you say so, I will pass the word around.

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