Double vs Single

These days I am surrounded by men who are looking for women to settle down with and ladies who are on the look out for the best man available. Unfortunately, I cant be the middle lady and any of these two people together. Dont ask me why.  Sometimes its the looks that are not accepted, sometimes the height and when all else works out, the backgrounds clash!

I was talking to a friend a few days ago about a particular single friend about whom I worry alot. The surprising thing is I was a great advocate about staying single. Somehow, things have changed in me. I still think being single is great…but I think being double is greater and add a triple to it and it just becomes awesome. The worrying factor is, why do I worry about my single friends so much? Maybe they are happier being where they are? Or maybe they will eventually get to the double side of life in their own time…I really dont know. I will not say that being married comes easily. I married my sweetheart (one sided) of 8 years and the road of these married years has been bumpy to say the least, but somehow I feel that it was the right thing to do…you know to get married. So, it just makes me more worried about my single friends. Maybe they need to change their criteria s, perceptions or the package they are looking for…afterall time dosent ever wait for anyone, and everyone deserves to have a good time!


2 thoughts on “Double vs Single

  1. Great post! When you’re single, you’re so busy worrying about how you’re going to meet “the one” that you forget that you should be enjoying life. I wrote a book about all the virtues of being single. It’s called “365 Reasons Why I’m Still Single.” I thought you might enjoy it to give as a cute gift for all your single friends (Valentine’s Day is coming up).

    You check it out on Amazon:

    I like your blog!

  2. uff being a triple is sooooo awesome! when you’re a double there are so many times when you end up being single when the spouse is away but with a kid thrown in you’re always certain to be a double all the time and never lonely!

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