Life and us

Lets accept it….life is the most unpredictable, exciting, crazy, roller coastery thing I have come across. Obviously, to say the least I have enjoyed the ride so far, though in my “oh I need attention” phase I might say otherwise. Today, going through my old blog (from the singlehood days) I got transported back into time, you know the time of rebelliousness and I am a woman of today and I know what I am talking about days….I came across this post below that now makes me laugh out loud at myself. Back at that time these reasons really were of prime importance and made all the sense to me.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Top 10 reasons why I cant marry Uzi…

1) We would forever be fighting whether our room should be painted Yellow or Black.
2) During the delivery of our second child, he would be there with a camera telling me to smile through tears so he could take pictures!
3) My family loves Uzi tremendously there would never be any In-law riots…too boring!
4) I would be bitchy 24/7 (thats what his presence does to me).
5) I dont want people to talk about the fact that I hang out with him even though I am so much better looking, and so much more saner!
6) I would be getting burnt sunflowers on valentines…..
7) He would end up wearing shorts & a t-shirt on our wedding
8) I would forever be wondering which Uzair I had fallen in love with and married…there are quite a few of them in there.
9) One of us forever would be sleeping on the couch outside…one cant sleep in an air conditioned room, and one cant sleep without it!
10) We both would forever be striving for excellence through the strength or our differences….thats asking for way too much work, we are
both not used to this much hard work!!!!
But needless to say having Uzi in life makes it so much more worthwhile, like he himself once said “I just feel we both fell in love with each other but at different times in our lives, so I guess it was’nt meant to be…and thats life & thats beautiful too…cause we both have each other as friends”!
Love you babees….!

Little did I know that on 20th February 2007, we would decide to spend the rest of our lives together….

Life….Did I tell you how crazy it is?


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