501 must take journeys

A friend once asked me that if I had a choice between buying a nice LV bag or a diamond which one would I go for? Without thinking for a second I told her I would add some more money and go for a trip…to which she asked…London or Paris? or both perhaps? This got me thinking. I am a sucker for traveling. I don’t like spending money on diamonds, bags, clothes or accessories. My major chunk of earning goes into buying books (believe me liberty books is thriving just because of me) and the rest is usually added up and saved for some kind of a trip.

So, today I went to liberty and invested (yes invested considering the amount I spent on buying it) I got this book called “501 must take journeys.” I instantly fell in love with the book. I have also flagged the journeys I have already taken (sadly only five so far). But I am hopeful that by the year end alot more pages will also be flagged, inshallah. So far, Bhutan is a journey that has caught my eye. Lets see how life unrolls.

Just wondering, If you were to take a journey, where would it be?

4 thoughts on “501 must take journeys

  1. Wow! What a gorgeous cover – I can only imagine what’s inside! What are the five you’ve already done?

    Must bring the book to our next coffee date.
    Love, F

  2. Fareen, it is a yummy book.
    Aneela, I am all ready for Bhutan, but a couple friend in China are convincing me to visit them instead. Let see how it goes!

  3. I bought the same book to find new places to discover and explore. Next week I will spend 5 days in Georgia Country based on this book advise. I hope I will enjoy it.

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