Kicking 2010’s ass

To put it in short, I am glad 2010 is going to be history soon. Like all other years, 2010 was also roller coaster type in its own way, but lets just say that this time around the jerks were jerkier. If you know what I mean. Before last year began, a friend texted in asking what was my word for the upcoming year. I thought a great deal before I answered. And honestly, I dont recall what I texted back. Just shows how important that word must have been. But really, I thought it was a great thing to have a word for a year. Throughout the year, all through the ups and downs I tried to go back to the word that I didnt remember. But thankfully the year still ended without remembering the word.

So, this 31st I decided to send the same text around and see what kind of a year people I know wanted to  spend. It was interesting the kind of responses I got. One friend laughed back saying…just a word? considering the world is going to end next year? Another one texted back saying money. Yeah yeah I know thats a word for all of us. One has freedom as a word, another one faith and yet another one said fullfilment. All through this I kept on thinking what my word should be. losing weight? But thats two words. Billionare? But thats an every year thing. Stronger? But thats endless. You can never end up being not strong. So, all through Zoeys bed time regime, and my trying to finish the girl with the dragon tattoo, I kept on thinking about my word for 2011. I wanted 2011 to kick 2010’s butt. Like seriously. But I didnt know what word would do that for me. Till I reached the epitome of the book.

I want to lose weight, earn millions, travel, look young, be a yummy mummy and all that. But my word for the year that will bring me all this is “peace” . In all aspects possible. And if I manage to get that….the rest just follows.

“Happy everyday to us all”……..If you were to have a word for this year, what would it be?


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