Decisions and us

When people found out that I was expecting there were mixed reactions from everywhere. Close friends were happy that their status would now change to khalas, acquaintances wanted to know what doctor I was seeing, family was overjoyed and a few over efficient people from the above categories thanked god that my baby would be a may born, which meant that admission process would be easy for me. Obviously, for me this admission thing was pointless at that time. I mean, how difficult can admissions be?

But for reasons that Allah mian understands better, princess zoey decided to come 2 months early. This time around I again got mixed reactions. The bunch of people who had earlier thanked god for zoey being a may born sounded anxious and worried. Apparently March borns have difficulty with admissions. But there was nothing I could change.

Zoey had her first school interview when she was 9 months old and started school when she was 16 months old. Though the school lasted for 2 weeks, it did leave a scar in my memory. Why send a toddler to school when shes not ready. I got mixed comments from everywhere. But, thankfully it was only 2 weeks that this dilemma lasted. Hubby dearest went to pick up his princess from school one day and when he saw her howling and crying, obviously that was the end of it. Thankfully. I mean, we have our entire lives to go to school, isn’t this the time we need to explore and enjoy? I didn’t start school at 16 months and I think I have grown up to be ok….or as ok as I can be.

A few family members, and a lot of friends were quite upset with me for withdrawing zoey from school, but somehow it seemed to be the right decision. Our lots of money was neither refunded, nor differed but it really didn’t matter.

Now when I look back, I think it was the best decision we have made to date. I love our mornings. We paint, we sit in the sun and enjoy the cat, we spend endless hours on the swing and when we get bored of this all, we do our puzzles, read and go through our flash cards. And when this also bores us, we go out grocery shopping, attend meetings with dadi and go to the farm.


Sometimes, the best decision is made on impulse….and thank you allah mian for all the impulsiveness!



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