I heart Khi

Lately, I have been surrounded by too much talk about immigrating, finding a job in the middle east, having another colored passport and if none of this works, going and having the next baby in the land of opportunity. I will not say that I have not been tempted. If nothing else I would love to have another passport just for the ease of traveling, not letting my passport go amiss for months at one embassy or another. But thats about it.

I love this place called “Karachi”. For the simple reason that its home. And heart is always where the home is. I know there are bomb blasts and unpredictability, but come on that dosent mean you leave your home and go away.

2 days ago the third alumni show opened up at the IVS gallery. Usually when the submission of the pieces is happening I am quite unsure about them. But this time around, I was sure of what I submitted. People might not have “loved” it or might not have felt about these photographs like I did simply because that’s my way of showing my love towards this city of uncertainty. And in the bigger picture I want to do a book on this series. Till then you can sit back and enjoy what went up in the gallery!



One thought on “I heart Khi

  1. Haven’t got a chance to see the exhibition, but seen yours and few others here and your pictures are really marvelous! =) loved your photography and your love towards the Great City of Lights.

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