Moving away

In the past months, I have heard of two couples who I knew off move away from each other. I didn’t question them. But I questioned myself that if they wanted to move away and go their separate ways why did they do so after being married for almost 30 years? Why did they decide to be miserable for that long a time and stick together? Dont we have just one life? And are we not supposed to make sure that we are happy in that one life?


One thought on “Moving away

  1. Hi 🙂 Really like your blog..and your design work has inspired me to go back to indus!! anyway, read this post and felt like maybe I should say something. I was seeing a guy for four years and last week I found out he had been cheating on me from day 1. he had already made marriage plans with this other woman and stupid me had no clue for all these years. So maybe, sometimes realizations and/or truths come out way too late. 😦

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