The story of emm, you, jay and the likes

When you are twenty something, working and meeting people, it is unlikely that you will not come across people who you “click” with, people who will have interests similar to yours and people who you think are the life partner material.

My 20 somethings were most interesting, I am sure like other fellow 20 somethings. I met a lot of people who fell into the life partner material slot, but because of something or the other missing, the boat was missed. However, three people I came across in this slot will always be remembered. Not that I had a fling with them or the like, but somehow the “click” factor was quick strong.

Emm, was a good friend and it was no surprise when we both wanted more from this relationship. However things didn’t work out, for whatever reasons and to date we haven’t been in contact. I am sure we both moved on in life, but at times I do miss our friendship.

“Jay” was another friend. Still is actually. But every time we talk, he makes me thank god for us not ending up together. As good friends as we may be….really as parents we would have murdered each other. And there is only so much time we could have spent as a couple. Hats off to his wife for putting up with him.

“You”….well, we weren’t really friends. But my god was there chemistry. To an extent that it was scary. I was this close  to saying yes, when from out of nowhere hubby dearest jumped into my life. Obviously, for a few days life was in a dilemma. Questions had to be answered. Confrontations made.

And alas, the decision that makes me who I am today was taken.

Now, I hear stories about what kind of hubbies and fathers these people are and I want to go and hug God for sending my hubby into my life at the right time. Really, so what if he dosent change Zoe’s diapers too often, but at least he dosent tell me to stay home 24/7 with the baby because the baby shouldn’t be taken out in the polluted environment.

2 thoughts on “The story of emm, you, jay and the likes

  1. Hope all is well. Its been a while since I strolled past this boulevard ! haha..
    Its good that your past only inspires you to admire what you have further..

    Stay blessed !

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