Living life the lyallpur way

The past few weeks the reason for my dissapearance is to be blamed on the shaadi I was attending in Faisalabad. Obviously when you are attending a shaadi in another city and that too of someone you love, you are bound to have a great time. So, with Zoey (who dosent sit still anymore) travelling to lahore and then to faisalabad was fun but tiring.

When the groom submits to the bride immediately after the nikah, you know that the marriage has started on the right track…..

Zoey madame was perpetually in this position enjoying the bollywood hits and the dance shance….obviously after listening to only nursery rhymes, all the dhoom dhamaka came as a pleasant surprise to her!

And oh….obviously when a khala is getting married, how can mehndi applying not be involved?

And when josh is involved, one can not help but have fun!

Even the bride and groom josh with paooed bhangra!

And if the entire wedding process invloves cute boys….all the more better. So what if they are faisalabadi, atleast they are loaded!

Atleast once a day it was important for the mommy to remember that the daughter was going to be gone to another house.

And when the scene would get too boring for the lil one, she would happily be mama photographers assiatant!

So till someone else descides to get married from this group, we are back to the land of nursery rhymes and bedtime at 10!


4 thoughts on “Living life the lyallpur way

  1. i am soooo envious of the mehendi..
    “nods her head at the Faisalabadi boys comment” yup that community is for aesthetic purposes only… good as a stud farm nahee.

  2. Aneela……I was JUST reading your blogposts! The stupid blogworld dosent allow me to post a comment for some odd reason! Arhaan is quite a stud bahee mashallah….how time flies, already 13 months. We are at 10 days away from 12 months…..please gimme your email address, would love to keep in touch!

  3. apologies K i assumed i was getting follow up comments in my email account. sara has my email…its aneela.zeb.babar@gmail.
    dont wprry your globetrotting will come.
    advance may happy budday.

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