8 months today…

8 months ago, I was worried about the C section I was going to go through.

Now after 8 months, I worry that soon it will be time for Zoey to rush off to university….

Time really is flying…isnt it?

Please dont forget to say mashallah…

Photo credit: Zaira, the phopp!

2 thoughts on “8 months today…

  1. MashaAllah…reading ur post the first thing that came to my mind was “and one day it ll be time for her to get married nd ull be giving da piece of ur own heart to sum one else…..”…….girls r even cuter than the things related to them and they grow old even faster they appear to be…wen i look bak it all seems like a dream wich i just went thorugh in a sec….phew (senti senti me) m very touchy to these matters….:)

    May Allah bless her withhhhh every thing u ask for her…ameen

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